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Welcome to my corner of the internet!

My name is Juan José Machado a.k.a Obi Juan.

A picture of Obi Juan in passport format.

My WordPress experience started as a teenager, in the mid-late 2000s.

It was mostly playing around with WordPress core, using plugins, etc.

It became more of a serious thing in late 2016 when I started a collaboration venture with Fabi Paolini, a branding strategist and web designer.

At first, it involved migrating websites from staging into production, doing minor tweaks, etc.

Then, it evolved into technical support for Fabi’s clients and her projects.

In mid-2018, I started a position as a Technical Support Engineer at LTD, the people behind Elementor Website Builder.

In September 2020, I joined Skyward North LLC, the people behind LearnDash LMS at that time. I lived through the acquisition by Liquid Web.

Later, I was promoted to tier 2 Support Specialist, working in the most complex cases along the Engineering team, triaging bugs, and providing custom dev solutions to customers on specific issues.

I joined Clif Griffin Development Inc., the team behind CheckoutWC (Checkout for WooCommerce), as a Freelance Support Developer in September 2022, working in all technical support cases, providing custom code solutions, and handling escalations.

In mid-2023, I worked as a Freelance Software Developer for Plugin Republic, an independent WooCommerce extensions shop.

I extended the functionality in WooCommerce Better Variations, an existing plugin they have.

My job included adding the ability to display the remaining stock for the selected variation combination in variable products.

Let’s say you have a product with three attributes: Gender, Color, and Size.

Then, you pick Female for Gender and Pink for Color; the available sizes will indicate how many remain in stock.

A variation that is out of stock will not be selectable and grayed out.

It was all engineered in plain PHP for the backend and jQuery for the front-end logic.

In late June 2023, I joined as a contractor Front End Developer.

My job there is soon migrating to Code Librarian, feeding the AI into snippets and documentation from plugins that integrate with CodeWP.

You can connect with me on: