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I have nothing to hide

Years ago, I was part of the “next shiny thing” tribe.

Something new popped up, that something I had to buy it.

A new Twitter method, a new ebook, a new software tool, whatever, on how to make money online.

That behavior was not healthy at all.

But thanks to that, I stumbled upon an idea that help me move towards what I want: “Do a business that you can tell your mom about”.

Well, I was a teenager and I don’t recall the exact same words. But the main idea stuck with me.

In businesses, and life in general, do something that you can tell your mom about. Whether you feel comfortable telling your mom you are a drug lord or a dentist, whatever it is, go for it.

There is really nothing you can’t do. Of course, always within your moral sense, ethic and the law.

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