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Today I pushed the first version of my plugin to

Yesterday, May 5th, 2023, I got an email from the WordPress Plugin Review Team notifying me that my plugin submission to the WordPress plugin repository was approved.

It was no easy thing, and not on the first try (by a silly mistake from me).

I submitted it on April 7th. Almost a month later, I received an email that I needed to make corrections before the plugin could be approved.

Silly me, in the readme.txt file, I put the version of WordPress core in the Stable tag instead of my current plugin version. ** facepalm **

That was it.

I rushed to make the correction, ready to wait another 25+ days. The WordPress Plugin Review Team has been working harder than ever reviewing plugins because one of the leading team members recently left the team.

I was surprised with the approval email one hour later from submitting the changes.

I’m hugely grateful for that faster response.

I hope for the best for the WordPress Plugin Review Team and thank them for their titanic effort in reviewing all plugin submissions.

Today May 6th, I pushed my changes through SVN. Not that different from Git. Still, some stuff I need to integrate into my workflow. With practice, I’ll get the hang of it.

This experience has just made me want to submit more plugins to I’ll be shipping more for sure.

Here is my plugin if you are curious:

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